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Spring 23-24 Registration is now open.


Parkland Lacrosse Families,

Happy New Year!   Spring Lacrosse Registration is now open for the 2024 Spring season.  All of the details you need to know are listed below.  Please read thru all the information provided.  Included this season for all age groups is a shooting shirt and practice pinny.  In addition, we have reserved indoor turf time for early spring practices.


  • Grades K/1/2 – (30 Open Spots) 2-3 Teams in non-competitive bracket | Cost $145
  • Grades 3/4 – (30 Open Spots) 1 Team in “A” & 1 Team in “B” bracket | Cost $165
  • Grades 5/6 – (36 Open Spots) 1 Team in “A” & 1 Team in “B” bracket | Cost $185
  • Grades 7/8 – (36 Open Spots) 1 Team in “A” & 1 Team in “B” bracket | Cost $185


  • Grades K/1/2 – (15 Open Spots) 1 Team | Cost $135
  • Grades 3/4 – (15 Open Spots) 1 Team | Cost $150
  • Grades 5/6 – (20 Open Slots) 1 Team | Cost $170
  • Grades 7/8 - (20 Open Slots) 1 Team | Cost $170

**$20.00 Late Registration fee will be charged for registering after February 15th for boys & girls programs**

MINI-SCOOPERS (Boys & Girls) Ages 3, 4 & 5 Years of Age

This program is a fun introduction to lacrosse.   All equipment is included for the kids to learn basics and have FUN!!   This is held one day a week starting in April and running 8 weeks.  No Uniform is needed, shooting shirt included – Cost $75.00----**Registration open thru March 15th, 2023**


ALL age groups, both boys & girls will be sporting the same uniform that the Boys & Girls did in the 2023 season.  This uniform is a UNIFIED Parkland Lacrosse Uniform.  THIS IS A REQUIRED PURCHASE FOR EACH PLAYER that does not already have one.  The uniform will consist of a reversible jersey with number and last name on it, along with a pair of shorts.  Mini-Scoopers are not required to purchase. *Replacement pieces are available for those who grew out of theirs or lost.  These are the players uniform to keep and maintain.

  • No uniform needed - $0.00
  • Boys uniform package needed - $68.00 (Red/White Reversible Jersey, White Shorts)
  • Girls uniform package needed - $68.00 (Red/White Racerback Reversible Jersey, Red Shorts)
  • Boys/Girls replacement Jersey - $38.00 (Red/White Reversible Jersey)
  • Boys/Girls replacement Shorts - $30.00 (White - Boys)(Red-Girls)

When completing your registration, you will choose (3) numbers in which you would like. Due to rotating teams each year, please use the following number structure to help ensure duplicate numbers are not on same team from year to year.

  • EVEN NUMBERS (8th Grade/2028 Graduate, 6th/2030, 4th/2032, 2nd/2034, K/2036)
    • Use Odd Numbers: 2,4,6,8….16,18,…50,52,…80,84…etc.
  • ODD NUMBERS (7th Grade/ 2029 Graduates, 5th/2031, 3rd/2033, 1st/2035)
    • Use Even Numbers 1,3,5,7….21,23,…51,53,…81,85…etc.

**If you have an existing Red/White jersey number, DONT CHANGE YOUR NUMBER, please place your number in all (3) boxes.**


The last few seasons, mother nature and fields at Grange Park didn’t permit for us to practice safely on the fields.  This year, we have booked indoor space at St. Luke Sports Rink & Fieldhouse in Whitehall for indoor practices.   In addition, we are working with local facilities for turf field rentals.  All Teams will be taking advantage of this, to ensure we can start practicing by the first week of March 2023.


Parkland purchased new equipment over the past 2 years that is available for our younger players.  We do have some larger equipment that can be used by older players.  This equipment will require a FULLY REFUNDALBE DEPOSIT.  This is because of missing equipment that hasn’t been returned and over the past few years.  If you are one of the families who have returned your equipment each season or communicated an extended arrangement I apologize for this inconvenience.  This equipment is available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Boys Lacrosse Requires ($75 Refundable Deposit) – Available Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Elbow Pads, & Stick.  In addition, each player must have cleats, mouthpiece and athletic supporter, not provided by PLC.
  • Girls Lacrosse Requires ($35 Refundable Deposit) – Helmet or Goggles & Stick.  In addition, each player must have cleats & mouthpiece, not provided by PLC.
  • Mini-Scoopers ($0 Deposit) – No equipment required.


  •  Practices will start in Late February/Early March and carry thru May.
  • Practice days and times are not known at this time, field assignments & coaches schedules haven’t been finalized.
  •  Practices to be held 2-3 times per week depending on age group.
  • Practice location at Grange Park, Troxel, St. Lukes, Twin Lakes (depending on age group).
  • Games will be held starting in April with the tournament being held at Grange Park on the weekend of May 18th (All Day Event).


It takes a team of parents/families with a lot of time and effort to put on the best program we can for the kids of Parkland Sports.  The Volunteer Fee is a reimbursable $50.00 fee that is required for each family.  This fee is being established across all sports and programs to encourage parents/families to volunteer time to make the program better.  This fee is reimbursed at end of season when a family volunteers.   This includes, but is not limited to Coaching, Team Manager, Training, Fitness, Field Prep, Score Tables, Fixing Nets, Tournament, Concession Stand, Uniform Sorting, Equipment Handout, Fundraising, etc.

Coaching takes a lot of time and dedication.  If you are a returning coach, I will be sending you a separate email with a process for you to take advantage of early reimbursement.




SPYA refund policy, no refunds will be provided as long as we have a team in which you can participate.


Financial assistance can be obtained by completing the online application on our website at the following link: - https://spya.org/registration/


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me below.


John Serratore

Parkland Lacrosse

M: 610-509-2695