In-House Programs

Coordinator: Zach Roberts

Our baseball in-house programs cater to the youngest players, providing an ideal platform for them to embark on their baseball journey. Our primary focus lies in cultivating a love for the game and fostering player development. Our dedicated coaches create a nurturing environment where each child's growth is celebrated, both on and off the field.


Ages: 4 and 5

Fee: $150

Location: Lone Lane Park

Our T-Ball program, designed for 4 and 5 year-olds, offers a perfect introduction to the fundamentals of hitting and fielding in a nurturing environment. With a focus on building a strong foundation, all batters have the chance to hit the ball from an appropriately adjusted batting tee, ensuring a level swing that sets the stage for future success. Each inning of the game provides an opportunity for every player to bat and rotate through different defensive positions, encouraging an understanding of all aspects of the game. As the season progresses, we gradually introduce the basics of coach pitch during one inning of each game, with the consent of both teams. To facilitate learning, adult coaches are strategically positioned on the field to provide guidance and instruction. Our ultimate aim is to instill the essential skills of baseball while fostering teamwork and readiness for the next level of play. Using 50-foot bases, our T-Ball level empowers young players to embrace the sport with their own glove, helmet, and bat, setting the stage for a lifelong love of baseball.



Ages: 6 and 7

Fee: $150

Location: Lone Lane Park

The Prep League stands as a vital stepping stone, tailored for 6-7 year-olds, aiming to instill the core tenets of hitting and fielding within a nurturing framework. With a paramount focus on skill development, each player engages in batting and rotates through defensive positions every inning, nurturing a comprehensive grasp of the game's dynamics. As the season advances, we progressively integrate the essentials of kid pitch into one inning per game, contingent upon mutual agreement between teams. Supported by adult coaches stationed on the field, players benefit from guidance and instruction. The Prep League thrives in its commitment to cultivating fundamental baseball prowess while fostering a secure and encouraging team atmosphere, thereby priming young athletes for the impending progression to the Minors level. Anchored on 55-foot bases, the Prep experience imparts a sense of ownership as players need their own glove, helmet, and bat.



Age: 8

Fee: $150

Location: Parkway Manor and/or Grandlawn

The Minors League ushers in a pivotal phase for 8-year-olds, acting as a bridge between coach pitch and full kid pitch, fostering preparedness for the upcoming transition. Designed to build upon the foundational skills acquired in earlier stages, the league accentuates the nuances of hitting and fielding. Each player participates in batting and assumes defensive positions every inning, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the game's dynamics. With seasoned adult coaches strategically placed on the field, players benefit from continuous guidance and instruction. The league's unique feature involves a blend of coach pitch and kid pitch, offering two innings of each per game throughout the season. This innovative approach allows players to acclimate to pitching, an essential aspect of the next level. To strike a balance, batters facing kid pitching won't walk; instead, a coach will intervene if a 4-ball count arises, culminating the at-bat. The Minors League propels player development within a secure, encouraging team framework, bolstering fundamental baseball proficiency. With 60-foot bases as the foundation, players need their own gear—glove, helmet, and bat—fostering a sense of commitment and enthusiasm for the sport.