Connie Mack Baseball

Coordinator: Don Friday


Lehigh Valley Connie Mack League Website

We take pride in our ongoing participation in the Lehigh Valley Junior and Senior Connie Mack leagues. These spirited leagues kick off in mid-May and extend through the summer months, concluding in July.



Junior Connie Mack

Ages: 13 and 14

Capacity: 12 players

Fee: $150

Our most exceptional 13 and 14 year old players will be part of the Junior Connie Mack league. Tryouts for these teams will be communicated in early spring. The season encompasses a 16-game schedule and concludes with playoffs at the season's end.


Senior Connie Mack

Ages: 15 and 16

Capacity: TBD (includes PHS JV players)

Fee: $150

Our Senior Connie Mack team is tailored for 15 and 16 year-olds. Those who have undergone tryouts and secured positions on the Parkland High School baseball team are granted automatic roster spots. Any remaining openings on the team will be determined through the tryout process. The season entails 20 games and culminates in an exciting playoff tournament.