Hello football family!

We had a coaches/team mom meeting Friday night and discussed many things.  One of those was the fact that since we were supposed to be moving forward with our football season we have incurred costs from ordering uniforms, reconditioning helmets, etc.  With these incurred costs we have decided to proceed with our annual fundraiser in order to cover them and maybe even give us a head start for next season.

For those who do not know, our annual fundraiser is comprised of Pellman cakes & pies, quick & tasty treats (frozen pizzas, breads, pretzels, etc.), and jarred candles.  If you are interested in helping sell these products, you can contact me for physical brochures to help you sell, go to our Facebook pages (SPYA football & SPYA-South Parkland Youth Association) for pictures of the brochures, or I can email you copies.

The deadline for orders is Sept. 19th by 5pm and money is due with your final submission. I can accept cash, check (made payable to SPYA) or paypal. I will also schedule a time or two the week orders are due for you to submit orders in person or we can make arrangements. 🙂


Bambi Schultz, parent committee head                  484-838-3813       crazyfootballmom2010@gmail.com         parentcommittee@spya.org