Good morning SPYA Families,


There still seems to be some concern about the upcoming Basketball season. I’m reading all kinds of social media posts that aren’t accurately depicting how the Basketball program will be run this year. So, after some careful consideration I’ve decided to make some changes and clear up any questions.


  • The 3rd grade- 6th grade basketball program will be played at a Parkland Middle/Elementary School. Pre covid the season started in December with a months’ worth of practices and games started in January. This year we do not have any parkland gyms for December, this is why we had decided not to have practices. Due to parents’ continuous outrage over not having practices, I’ve decided to change the structure. There will be one month of practices which will most likely be 1 practice a week. The second month will be games. So instead of 8-10 games your child will get 4 practices and 4-6 games depending on what the gym time allows. Side note Parkland school district requires a mask.
  • The 7th– 8th grade program is not being held at a Parkland Gym. SPYA has acquired Macungie Park gym for this program. The gym is not as large as a Parkland Middle school that is why the teams will consist of 8 players not (4). The games will be played 4 players vs. 4 players on the court at one time instead of the normal 5 Players vs. 5. Macungie Park isn’t available til Jan, this is why we can’t start til January. I will change the structure for this as well. There will be a month’s worth of practices and 4-6 games again depending on gym time availability. Macungie Park requires a mask.
  • 9th -12th grade basketball program will be held at Bethel Fellowship Church in Emmaus. This is a full court gym. They have December gym time and there will be practices for those players in December with games starting in January. Bethel Church does not require a mask.

7-12 grade registrations are still open

Every decision that SPYA makes is in putting kids first. We moved out K-2 program up several months  to allow the kids to play basketball. I could have easily cancelled the season this year because as I stated we don’t have gym time. However, SPYA tried to make it work and by doing that there were sacrifices that had to be made, but at the end of the day we are giving children the opportunity to get out of the house and join their friends in some basketball fun. Since I have now added practices there will be less games, that is the tradeoff. Please feel free to share this with anyone that is interested in how SPYA Basketball is running its program. Also keep in mind that we are all volunteers at SPYA. We all have full time jobs and families, but we volunteer our time for the kids. We are always looking for more volunteers, please email me if you’re interested in joining our Association!!


SPYA Basketball